When one Ifidayo [aka] Daddy freeze was going overboard, with insult on the persons and positions some of Nigerias’s foremost evangelists

DR.Paul Enenchie and REV. David Ibiyeomie came down hard on hm. challenging him to name any spheres of life. He had excelled more that the pastor Adeloye and Bishop Oyedepo, whom he takes delight in calling out and pouring out venoms on his social platform. After that counter attack ‘FREEZE”, gave them respite. One Nigeria professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Uju Anya, gave out a fowl tweet over the death of Her royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth: a gutter language, unworthy of a professor. Her foul mouth was so repulsive that people like Jeff Bezos had to wonder aloud if that is a traditional teacher whose main goal is to teach courtesy, culture and finesse in our depraved society. It is an irony that she has to be among the very depraved, mannerless and uncouth. Her school and the Nigeria foreign commission quickly distance themselves from such callous and shameful showing of a professor/Nigerian. In a statement put out on thier twitter handle, the school said:’ We do not condone the offensive and objectionable messages posted by Uju Anya today on her personal social media account. It went further to say, ‘free expression is core to the mission of higher education. However, the views she shared absolutely do not represent the values of the institution nor the standards of discourse we seek to foster’,. Obviously, she found support amongst her peers, who now hailed her and replied to her with a shower of praise and encomiums. To those of us who abhor this horrible acts of this woman, if we say nothing, do nothing there will never be a change coming anytime soon. serving insolence on a plata and handing it out to others has become a way of life for many. If it has no demeaning and condemnable aura they are not in it, but it has to show effrontery, no one should and can not be brought down with thier platform knowing they have support nothing, absolutely nothing will happen, but the instant fame we got is worth it. Before now, many like myself and indeed the larger percentage of the reading society knew Anja; not her thesis, her academic contribution could break her into the society of the famed and famous, but now she can enjoy that without sweating.

Those who do research that Anja has a penchant and takes delight in insulting the dead have discovered it, who in thier lifetime had contributed one way or the other to the society. Before now, she posted a damning and shocking statement concerning one Prophet T B Joshua, founder of the synagogue of all nation, who had attracted even president to his church while he was alive; many witnessed healing and miracles under his ministry watched on the screen all over the world. She tweeted,

Commenting further on Joshua, Anya said he was a “monster” and she had no obligation to Joshua’s family to treat him with respect.

“For those coming with ‘don’t speak ill of the dead’ business, know where I stand on your tone policing nonsense. I don’t owe the family or people who loved TB Joshua my respect or silence about all the harm he caused. Just because they’re mourning a monster doesn’t mean I should,” she said.“I speak ill of the dead. If you made life choices that harmed people and caused destruction, I’ll praise your death. I don’t care if your family or people you didn’t choose to wound loved you and are sad you’re gone. I will dance on your grave singing ding dong the witch is dead.”


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