student lynched

This is a question that has come from the brothers in Nigeria, the brothers say in it: “there is a Christian lady that insulted the Prophet -may Allah’s highest exaltation and peace be upon him-, so, some people killed her and burnt her and they captured this event with video. So, the question now is, Is this action permissible and what is your advice for those people”?

The prime suspect in the murder of the 200-level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Deborah Samuel Yakubu, is not a Nigerian, top police officials reportedly told Peoples Gazette.

The police said that the man whose face is well captured in the viral video of Deborah’s cruel killing, is strongly suspected to be a foreigner from the neighbouring Niger Republic.

According to the Police, the suspect could not yet be found in the Sokoto metropolis where the inhumane crime was committed despite his face being captured in a viral video.

The suspect was captured boasting about his role in the lynching and burning of the innocent 200-level student.

“We started looking for him immediately we saw his video on social media, because he is fundamental to our investigation.

“We now learn that he is not even a Nigerian but only came in illegally from Niger Republic to cause chaos in our country,” a top police source told Peoples Gazette.

According to the police source, Interpol might be deployed to help fish out and arrest the suspect.

The source said that, however, many police officers believe the suspect is a Nigerian and is still within the country’s borders.

“Some officers are saying he is a Nigerian and we need additional time to find him,” the source told the newspaper.

“We have no facial recognition database, but we are following all available intelligence on the matter,” the source added.

The charred remains of Deborah

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