Psalms 32:1 A Psalm of David, Maschil. Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.

That a man calls the undercarriage of an airplane “TYRE” does not mean it is called a tyre in aviation industry. So too that a man has a lot of wealth does not mean blessings from God in a spiritual sense.

There are more than 1,000[ONE thousand] kinds of pronouncements in the bible that are termed blessings; thus, blessings are manifold. I have said much regarding God’s blessings, yet few of situations or things equated with blessings are not blessings. For example, many have the erroneous view that being awash with a lot of money shows blessings. If this is true, how come that many who are carrying out activities which is are at variance with the laws of the land are wealthy and have fleets of cars and flotilla of aircraft? If you say it is blessings from God, would a righteous God who can not stand sin and thus turned away his face and forsook His only begotten son on the cross now turn around again to give an approval in the mists of iniquities? Having a flotilla of aircraft and ground with fleets of cars is not the parameter to measure God’s grace upon your life. blessing does not solely come in form of cash-flow and uncountable materials possession but in different ways. I shall take time to give some examples: When a man enjoys good health and his kids do not bring shame on him or give him cause to worry that itself is a blessing from God. When you are in peace with God and man, that is a blessing, too. When a man got for free what others sweat and labor to get an inch, that is a blessing. When a man is single out for no apparent reason and is given an opportunity to serve, that itself is a blessing. To finally lay my point to rest, let us see an example from the bible. In the book of Genesis26:1-16. there are some point that are salient and worth knowing. In verse 2, God’s appearance to a man shows God’s approval; when His countenance sines upon you and He looked your way, you are blessed. In verse 3, God’s pronouncements are the commencement of blessing. In verse 5, obedience to God is what activates the blessings this is. In all these, we did not see God giving Isaac anything, so whence come the blessings? It is innate, on the inside, not a tangible thing you can see [spiritual] like an aural about a person; a power within that gives you ability to achieve some certain things or goals which normally is not possible. We see this in the life of Isaac; he sowed when there was lack and got plenty in return. He got some enemies who chased him away from enjoying the fruits of his labor, but little did they realize it was the power within that gave him the fruit and not the land; at the time they understood this, they left him alone.[Genesis26:1-25] it is gratifying to know that one can become blessed if we so desire. The first step to become blessed is to have your sins forgiven psalms32:1-2. this is the visitation of mercy upon your life. it does not matter what sin you have wallowed in and how deep you have swam. The blood of Jesus is the provision for cleansing that the good lord has provided for you. today if you want an empowerment to move forward,to become blessed that no man can curse you, to be separated from your weakness of your father’s household, to be separated from what seems to be a national tragedy, then becoming BLESSED is the solution. It is not about skills or sweat; it is about the Spirit. I would rather have it through God’s blessings than through labor that brings fleeting gains that do not last.[proverbs10:22] It is my prayer that you will seek it, pursue it, being focused and persistent as you go for it. Amen.


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Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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