There is no land where word of wisdom is not part of daily application. Words that are not prophetic, but are true most of the time. Words, when diligently applied to one’s life, will envelop our life in peace, progress, and love for everyone. The book of proverbs in the Bible is an example.Proverbs 3:21 My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion:

It is important to say from the start that keeping a resolution is not a piece of cake. It is more than clinching your teeth to achieve. It takes an inner strength. Like I have always averred, breaking a long held habit is like asking a lunatic to stop doing crazy things overnight. We know if he can stop, he would have chosen that part long ago, not to mention the mental state responsible for his abnormal actions. But there are some of us out there whose vices have landed us in a hotspot, had drawn tears, pain and regret. The sad experience kind of galvanized us to take a practical steps to change and turn a new leaf this new year. Letting old things pass away like the good book says. Know that for the old to pass away, the book says there is already a newness, a power beyond normal that propels you to do those things that are needful. See the bible book of 2 corinthians5:17 if you would.
. But am not talking about that kind of change now, but the change that comes through your determination. In order words, improving your personal character; this takes a personal approach, not spiritual, a personal responsibility, not spiritual. For even if you are spiritual, your character can still put people- off. For anointing if you have can make people know you, but your character can destroy you. Therefore, to those who want to polish their unacceptable character, I offer these workable tips:

  1. Let pride be far from you this year. People can sense it, therefore, be careful. Humility takes nothing from you, it even adds to it.
  2. Always see others as better in that way. If he has anything upstairs, you can learn.
  3. Try to learn something new every day, for there is a lot to learn out there. Open your eyes.
  4. Two ears, two nostrils, but one mouth. Be careful how you use it, build rather than destroy with it.
  5. If you dislike a comment on Facebook, twitter or Instagram choose to ignore instead of raging and disparaging the person.
  6. If your ‘follow’ is going the way you do not understand anymore, carefully ‘unfollow’ no insult.
  7. Be prompt to see the good in any man, for there is something good in all of us
  8. First, give what you want in others and it will come back to you.. if you smile at me, it is hard to get a curse a in return.
  9. Separate your responsibility from your Faith, for faith does not nullify your responsibility.
  10. Get somebody to acts as a coach when you are feeling to keep your resolutions
  11. When you hear people are successful, do not look for a BUT in their life rejoice with them.
  12. Procrastinations and fear trying new things. Do not get the virus this year.
  13. Appearance may be deceptive, but we are all slain by it; look your best for any meeting or interview.
  14. If you pray, learn to pray for others more this year. Will make you feel a better person later.
  15. Do not always look at those ahead of you. Look back at those behind you, too, then you will be more thankful.
  16. Before you take a decision to call it quite with somebody, think of his outstanding traits, too. 
  17. Gamble? your chance of winning tiny and your chance of losing the little you have enormous.
  18. Nothing like a lucky break. Throw it out your window.
  19. Learn a new craft this year. Hit the gym this year.
  20. Be a reader, for a reader is always having current information on his fingertip.
  21. Do not compete with anyone, it only breeds rivalry. 
  22. If you go to church, ask yourself when you get home, what did I learn today?

If you practice the aforementioned tips, somebody within your inner circle will notice how organise and smooth-running your life is and commend you, believe me.
Be seeing you.
Godwin Guobadia, a pastor and life coach, writes from Amsterdam.

Update from 2019.

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Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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