What is wrong with a church dating site

1 Corinthians 7:9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

When the city of David parish of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG)launched an online Christian dating platform for mature singles, it received a lot of reviews and raves with mixed reactions. The Parish Pastor, Idowu Iluyomade, revealed at a forum, that the platform will enable singles to interact and find their life partners. He further stated that when a single lady or young man registers on the site, the information would still have to be processed before approval. It did not go down well with some pastor’s notable Leke.

Leke Adeboye, son of RCCG General Overseer Pastor E.A. Adeboye, has expressed his objections after the church launched an online dating site.

One day after they announced that the RCCG City of David Parish has launched an online Christian dating platform for mature singles, Leke took to Instagram to reveal what he thinks about it.

He shared photos of couples who met the “old-fashioned way”.

In the caption for each couple’s post, Leke wrote: “Seeds connecting with seeds. We don’t need a dating app! We old fashion. We use prayer and holy spirit to find each other. With all my heart, I stand to support pastor Idowu, who muted the idea and made it a reality. Pastor Leke’s opposition does not hold any water and can hardly convince anyone. Any experienced pastor can tell of a sister in his church; faithful, fervent in the things of God and of a quiet, and yet, she has remained single [not out of her sole desire] while others, her age group have married and many others with kids to call thier own and a husband by thier side. Do we conclude God does not want these faithful ones to be married despite thier desire for a marital experience? Does it mean because there have not been praying enough or fasting enough? [nevermind the nominal worshippers who have married and have kids] Or do we conclude that being faithful and a serious christian goes with the tag of singlehood for the rest of one’s life?

Let us talk about sisters who unfortunately had become widows and brothers as widowers at a prime age; many remain so for a long time, no husband, no wife. Why is that so? I know a widow saddled with two children at 29 years of age. Now she is about 40 years of age yet, no husband! Is this the will of God for her? We are talking of Christians who are born again and holy spirit filled. They neither live in fornication nor approve of it. These do not believe in premarital sex, no matter who you are or your position in the church. They are sold out to the word of God. Pastor Leke, should have prayed before going to his Instagram to write, I say so because the issue need solution which we have found. His writing smacks of inexperience because he has not pastored a church in some certain areas where the men, two married men, and the singles are 11 in number. One congregation differs from another in size or even in need. The message meant for a christian in saudi Arabia or Kuwait is not the same that will be a blessing to where Leke preaches. When in Europe I tailor my messages towards the need of the immigrant who are mostly in my church. And in a place like Nigeria my message is tailored towards thier needs, too. Both needs differed. The need for parishioners differs in both situations. We praise God that is the AM THAT I AM.

Attaching too much spirituality into marriages is not needful: otherwise these brothers/ sisters i mentioned and many like them whom I’m sure you know will not find it difficult to find another partner because of death or remaining single for a long time for no desires of theirs except the congregation differs in ratio. While still on this topic, let us not forget that the true christian does not frequent nightclubs, brothels and wild parties where you meet a lot of the opposite sex. I remember an experience when I was a newcomer in the city of Amsterdam. one of my new friends from same country asks us to make a tour of the city; we were living in Leiden. At the city centre, I had to part ways with him because he insisted we look at the famous red-light districts. There are places you do not go because the holy spirit will not want you there.

The life of many christian are rectangular: from home to work, from work to church then back at home. The joy of the lord is thier strength they do not have to chill out nor be where they ought not to in order to find happiness. Their joy is within and that is more that the fleeting pleasures of happiness other find in wild parties and nightclubs with the abundance of ladies and men.

…..”The Parish Pastor, Idowu Iluyomade, revealed at a forum, that the platform will enable singles to interact and find their life partners. He further stated that when a single lady or young man registers on the site, the information would still have to be processed before approval. “———- Pastor Leke seems to have forgotten this important phrase.

Pastor Idowu has done what many christian will welcome. It will expand thier influence to other Christians from around the world, for the kingdom of God is a big family and there are many men and women there.

They did not practice Sunday school during the historic church, but today we have Sundays schools that because it meets need. When needs arise, God will arise with a solution, using man to proffer such a solution is part of God’s way.

Thank you, pastor Idowu.

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