Australia authority miffed by Christ embassy.

When pastor Marvel osaghae the pastor of christ embassy [believers love world] in Sydney, Australia, opened for worship on Sunday, little did he know they would have an unusual visitor the police in south Wales. They came, responding to yet another call from residents living where the church is located. According to a resident, since the lockdown imposed began the church has never shut its doors to worshippers and this the neighbour found strange and daring the authority. The church mainly comprises African descent, with some few whites also has an online presence which pastor marvel Osaghae uses most times to counter message from the authority concerning CIVID 19. They promptly fined the church the sum of five thousands dollars for violation. Since introducing vaccination and lockdown, some churches both in some part of the US, Europe and Africa have kicked against these measures.


The new south Wales police boss felt the church the church was not helping matters, giving the background that cases keeps rising daily.

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