Many likened it to evil in broad daylight; when an assistant pastor with the popular Pentecostal church, the redeemed christian church in Lagos Nigeria, was killed by people believed to be hired killers in his church this past Sunday.

The daredevil gun men went into the church in Maidan village,Mile 12 area of Lagos State, one man produced a photo of pastor Ibrahim to ascertain he was the right man before killing him.Despite pleas from the senior pastor who was attracted by the commotion, they dared anyone to come near and get shot.

 The distraught wife of the deceased, Mrs. Kudirat Ibrahim said on the fateful day her husband was killed, he was fasting. She said for the period they courted she never suspected her husband to be a cultist, wondering where people heard that he was a cult member, “what they are saying about him are blatant lies, my late husband was a man of God and he served him to his death.

Pastor Ibrahim

“I wasn’t at home on the fateful day of the incident. I went to take care of my sick mother at the hospital. I had no premonition about his death. After the deed was done, nobody called to inform me. “I never knew my husband had been killed, I was still busy calling him to bring something for me from home, not knowing that he had already been killed, whenever I called him the person who is picking his call kept telling me my husband is preaching, it was later around 7pm that my elder brother came to break the news to me about the gruesome murder of my beloved husband.” he bereaved age mother, Mrs. Agnes Ogunowo who spoke with our correspondent said the gunmen have taken away her son and her friend from her. Ogunowo said they bid each bye when they were going to church on the fateful Sunday. “I am a member of Catholic, but he attends Redeemed Christian Church of God and he was the assis-tant pastor of the Church, I still don’t understand why they killed my son. He was an easy going person. “My son has a new baby we are yet to take to church for dedication, now my son is no more. I want to appeal to the police to get involved in my son’s death, arrest and prosecute them.

To kill a man is bad enough, but to kill a pastor on service is unpardonable, said a member of the church.

The late pastor was born into a Muslim family but got converted to Christianity along with his Aunt, Mrs. Justina Alebiosu and consequently became a pastor.

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