In honor, to all mothers and that includes mine; I want to highlight some of the wonderful peculiarities to all mothers that have kept most men and women close to their mothers through all these years.: the making of a child involves the father and mother, but the mothers, but the mother have the privilege of carrying the child before birth wherever she goes. It is the mother that can feed the child whatever she eats via the umbilical cord while still on the inside. The first voice and face that a baby recognize is that of her mother. The body heat that the baby needs is not really from her father, but from her mother. It is the mother who is the first teacher that helps as the baby takes her first step, tottering towards her. Some fathers still dares to disown a child, but can a mother dare that? It is the mother that molds the character of a child while the father plays the role no matter what you might have against her; she is still your mother; through her you found your way into the world could have had your pregnancy ended, but for love for that wonderful thing growing inside of her she did not, but face the storm that came with you. Love her, honor her, adore her at least, for today of all days [being mother’s day] she may have missed it along the way; some doing drugs, some constant prison inmates, just find a space in your heart to love her and make amends and God will be there approving of this move. Do it today, she will look better and healthier for that move. On the flip side are those who doubles as mothers and fathers, doing it all for our sake, those who refuse to give up on us even when social workers and society says we are not redeemable anymore, those who argues with teachers who says we are failures and not good for anything. Those from the African setting; strong resolute powerhouse, still doing the farm work with seven months pregnancy, those who deliver inside the farms still clutching their farming tools in their hands, those who would rather go hungry for the young to stave, those with improvident husband and fathers…. [let us not go there]

Mama happy mother;s day! please never you abardon your Godgiven role for another for it is there you find honor and blessing.

God bless you for us.

Published by godwinguobadia

Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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