On The Kwara State Hijab Crisis

Lamentations 5:5 Our necks are under persecution: we labour, and have no rest.

Kwara state of Nigeria is on the news for sometime now over the state government decision to allow students of Moslem faith, the wearing of Hijab, in schools founded by Christian missions. Many have faulted this one sided favour; if Moslem students now enjoy such liberty, then all other religious as represented in the Nigeria should wear their religious garb no matter how out-modelled if they so chose; African Traditional Religion adherents, Eckankar, Grail Message, Celestial and Cherubim and Seraphim should also be allowed to wear their religious attires, too. While this has been brewing, the Kwara chapter of [CAN] Christian Association of Nigeria has released a 1974 agreement with Government. see photocopy.

Brief Historical Review
The Missions opened some of the earliest primary schools in the country and what is today Kwara State. For instance, in 1865 they opened the first primary school at Lokoja. The military government forcefully took these schools over. The missionaries did not hand them over willingly. They were funding these schools. They did not beg the government for funds.
‘Insisting that Muslim students who CHOOSE to attend these Christians schools must be allowed to wear their hijabs is like insisting that a visitor to your house must be allowed to do as he or she pleases. Never. If you visit me, I cannot adapt to you. You must adapt to me because you are a visitor. If you insist, I adapt to you, then you are no longer a visitor. You are a conqueror.’ said pastor Omokri. Many also viewed this as religious dominance, not religious coexistence. Brother Okoata added, I used to be a Muslim while growing up, me and my younger brother then will go to the mosque to learn Arabic, the clerics then will beat you for any little thing, they never treat you with love but cain always. The last time I stopped going to that evil mosque was the day one of those evil clerics hit me so hard on my face with his rosery that it broke and I had a swollen face. We became a christian a while after then and have known peace. Most Islamic people are too barbaric, callous and mean. I just don’t like that religion at all. They just like fight and making trouble always. I still have Muslims friends, though.

Governor AbdulRazaq made a broadcast to the people of Kwara Tuesday evening over the hijab controversy. Kwara State Governor Abdul Rahman AbdulRazaq says his government decided, allowing the use of hijab in public schools in good faith.

In the heat of the controversy surrounding the use of the head-cover in some grant-aided schools founded by Christian missions, the state government announced an official policy allowing Muslim students to wear the hijab in all public schools.

“That announcement followed several days of consultations, meetings, brainstorming and dispassionate weighing of policy options,” the governor stated.

Christian leaders who mobilised worshipers to protest the approval opposed the decision, which later snowballed into pockets of violence.

Despite the dissent from some religious groups, they have reopened the 10 schools affected with security operatives manning their gates.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday evening, Mr AbdulRazaq acknowledged the apprehension from the Christian and Muslim communities.


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