There is indeed a difference between a mother, a woman, and a wife. For without a mother there will never be a wife or a woman. To send a nation into extinction, remove motherhood and all that has to do with prenatal and post-natal experiences from the land. The bible says when the pharaoh of those days felt the growth of the Hebrews were becoming a threat; he outlawed the survival of every male child. They must be killed. see Exodus2:1-4. Show me a great nation and i will show you mothers that are not afraid to give birth.” W.o.m.b.” _man,is the spiritual endowment given by a loving creator to all females and every right thinking woman should be proud to be a woman.The breast,voice, pelvic, waist are all there to make it easy for her to care for the bay on the inside and after delivering. Therefore, i bind in the name of Jesus every bareness in the life of any woman reading this or near me. Your feminine qualities are not there by accident and you must not take no for an answer except you do not desire to have babies. An enemy has done this is a popular quote in the bible and today that enemy is still very much alive and doing havoc in the loves of those who do not know their God or not hidden in the secret place of God. see psalm91′ it is only natural for children to be close to their mother. For mother are the first person a child recognizes and bond with her during breastfeeding and play.A mother’s voice is there to sing a lullaby for the baby to sleep and to smile the baby when awake. one reason for marital strains and stress in our homes today is the inability for the mother to carry her child when it is not by their choices. in Africa where i come from, they break marriages based on the inability of the woman to carry a child for the man. Because marriage involves many people, there is always intervention from both sides to know why there seems to be no issue after a long time. blames are often apportion, and sometimes that will be the end of such marriages. Mothers are wonderful, for the last person to give up on a wayward child is the mother after the father has long written him off. The mother of Moses in the bible kept Moses at the risk of her own life till it was too dangerous to hide him. But she was still not out of his life. [A TENACIOUS SPIRIT] Despite the natural and loving endowment of mothers, you still find some who do not care enough. In the book of 1kings 3:3-16 we confront such a woman. she lay on her child! carelessness in the highest order. Many are destroying the lives of their children through carelessness today more than ever before.We see such carelessness in difference forms.Children are left close to cooking gas,hot irons and our children’s ward in the hospitals are littered with babies in agony which could have been prevented if only their mothers have been a little bit careful. Many children are suffering from different kinds of abuse: sexual and other wise because their mothers have been found to be very careless and negligent of their duties. In the previous passage we later found out that the mother who slept on her baby tried to switch the living baby with her dead one. That is where witchcraft and other evil works begins.owing to neglect and irresponsible living you lost your child to waywardness and a life of crime. You

are no longer comfortable seeing the children of your friends are doing well. You want them dead if you can not have your children by you why should you want others by side of their proud mothers? they think evil thoughts of how to kill, maim, and destroy that other child. An example of an excellent mother is Lois in the book of 2timothy1:5. All mothers must have in their minds what they want for their children and do all that is possible to bring it to reality.Training must start from infancy when their heart is still impressionability. Remember, it is only a child you can train, not an adult. Start now while there is still hope HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Published by godwinguobadia

Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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