It was the talk of the town among the neighbours and the people living in the environ when a man donated his family house to a ministry. Before he sojourned abroad, he was the little mischief in the area, but when he came back, professing to be a christian, the entire family welcome the news and embraced his fervency for the things of God.

He had earlier on sold his car and gave the profit as a ‘seed faith’, to the ministry, it surprised the family members, but not alarmed as it was his own car. Shedrack took his faith to a new level when he donated his family house to the church, without the knowledge of his father or talking it over with any other members of the family. Investigations reveal that the land though belongs to the family, and all members contributed to build a family house on it. Shedrack is not the sole owner of the house as all members have made contribution even though he made the largest contribution to the project. Shedrack is not saying why he donated the house to the church while his father, cousins and some tenants, are still resident in the property.

His father never knew what has taken place until that faithful day when noticed men going around, viewing the property. When the older man made enquiry, he was told the property now belongs to Christ Embassy and has been valued to be sold at 25 million Naira. Sensing eviction, he jotted a protest letter to the senior pastor of Christ Embassy in Warri, and he promised to take action. But a month has passed and nothing has happened. The father also spoke with bis lawyer after reporting to the police.

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Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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