Aminu Yahaya: court overturns death sentence

Matthew 11:30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

You will recall the case of a young nigerian, sentenced to death, for the sin of blasphemy last year. This blog has been following the story as it unfolds, glad to know that another judge highlighted the irregularities. This current judge has had the death sentence overturned by an appeal court in Kano state of Nigeria. The appeal court has set aside the controversial judgment and has ordered a new trial to the joy of many.

Sharif Aminu

They accused the Youngman of committing blasphemy against the prophet in a song he purportedly circulated via the WhatsApp apps, in March 2020. Following the incidence protesters marched to his house and razed it down with fire.

To make the case more difficult, the governor of the state, Umar Ganduje, had expressed his readiness to sign the death warrant calling Yahaya names and said there should be no mercy for anyone who blaspheme the prophet.

However, the presiding judge justice Nuradeen Sagir, who is the state chief judge and his co-panelist, justice Saminu, ruled that the first trial was full of irregularities and that the appellant did not have a fair legal representation.

both judges, therefore, submitted that the judgment by an upper sharia court Hausawa Filin Hockey contravenes section2-6-9 of the ACJN, and that they did it in nullity.

Justice Sagir who is the presiding judge ordered that the case be re-tried at the same court, but that the appellant has a right to a fair hearing and a full legal representation.

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