I tell you how God wants you to live in 2021: Romans 1:17 says to you, “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith”. Make prayerful declarations for 2021, plant your desires through faith and when you come across any hindrance in this journey of 2021, speak the mind of God to it and it will give way.

Yearly predictions concerning our country have become a yearly affair in Nigeria. The rise of this trend dates back to the beginning of this decade, when many professed the ability to predict or to have predicted what later happened in the country. Do the gift of clairvoyance and its attendant foretelling of what would happen——– the good, the bad, the ugly and the evil. Does this ability comes from God? Yes and NO, for not all foretelling comes from the almighty One possessed with the spirit of divination can do the same, too. Acts 16:16-17, And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. Men have developed a penchant to stand in awe of the miraculous, the unnatural and the display of magical and spiritual power, that practitioners of this trade will go the extra mile just to provide the attention they crave and the approval of many. professing them to be the servant of the most high, the penchant, the paparazzi style, the publicity is what they can not resist. Those who we think have a one-way access to God are the ones who will have the ears of politicians and access to the corridors of powers.
My point here is this: men have decided to tell us each year, those who can do this. The ability to tell us who will die, who will live, and the political party that will sweep the polls. The criteria for picking these men of God is what I do not agree with.
 For one, the God I know can use anybody whom he chooses to tell us what he wants us to know as a nation he loved. He has so many servants. For example, the bible tells us how Saul was prayed for by one disciple whom was never mentioned till that time and after that time we never heard about him again.[Acts9:10] God, in his infinite wisdom, God can use anybody to predict or do anything and next time he may decide to use another, but the people who do not even know the ways of this God has arrogated to themselves the power to select those whom God will use to predict the future. Howbeit, some are the followers of these men.
What should be made conspicuous to all is God only reveals what he wills to man and Man, in his limitation has no access to know the things God has kept in his secret file? [Deutoronomy29:29] 
How many men of God predicted the death of the founding father of Pentecostal movement in Nigeria, Archbishop Benson Idahosa? After he died, who could appeal to God to resurrect him? Who amongst them predicted the death of our late president, whom President Good luck Jonathan succeeded? who foresaw the meteoric rise of president Jonathan? Who predicted the rise of the so called Boko Haram group? In 2019 a lot of prophecies came, yet no one saw COVID-19 and the death toll that will follow. We are all witness to their wanton destruction of lives and properties, both private and public and the senseless and callous killings of parishioners during church service in northern states of the country!
Here is the truth, somebody somewhere saw the appearance of COVID-19. all these things in visions or dreams, revelation or apparition, and spoke about them, but only on the platform available to him: whether pulpit or some other way. The press may not know this one because they do not strut the corridors of power or have access to the high and mighty in the land. God often operates this way, using the unknown and the small. He once used a relatively unknown disciple, called Ananias, to open the eyes of Saul [Paul]. God is still in the business of using the relatively unknown amongst us to say things. These humble ‘vessel ‘ as I would designate them, may not have the means to don a three-piece super180s suit, he may not have heard of Savile Row or always deck out in Agbada, he may not even have the means to purchase a pastoral neck collar.
God can not be cowed or compelled and place in a spot in order to do what we bid HIM or say what we want him to tell us. Men.’s yardstick in rating success differs totally from how God rates his servants. [Isaiah55:8] that the almighty use one to predict a national crisis this year is no guarantee he will use the same next year even though all the press may flock to this man based of his [past and accurate] predictions.
Here we are, 2020, and the predictions are already flying around, some in good taste, others not so palatable to the ears. With the press, heralding, those whom they think have the nod of God to speak on HIS behalf. No one will look beyond the celebrities, the wealthy and the general overseer of the largest churches. These are beamed via satellite television. Lately, they have even told us who amongst them is the richest. Man made money God has no hand in that one.
It is from these lots, with money they guess, God will always use in telling us about the future of the nation. The truth is God does not see as men sees [1samuel16:7]. How men rates and measure other differs totally from how God rate and measure others.what men think God is looking at is not what he is looking. How unsearchable are the ways of God! Indeed, his ways are not our ways! God will not answer your prayers because you are very popular or have the biggest ministry or cathedral in the country just like he does not answer the other man’s prayer because he can not afford a microphone. The same God whom answer the prayers of that man in the highbrows of New York is also the same God who inclines his ears to listen to his pastor in one remote village with the oversize and worn out looking suit. How difficult it is for a canal man to understand God’s ways. They may dabble into it, but only to wallow in ignorance. God will judge us based on our obedience not how busy we think we are or how many branches we have been able to establish in a year. There was this story I heard of a pastor who was so busy jetting around the globe, being booked all round the year, but his daughter was put in the family way! What he was teaching large audiences numbering in the thousands in amphitheater was lacking in his own daughter, his primary responsibility. When a man of God thought he was the only one doing the will of God, God told him he has kept aside quite a large number. God can always do those things, even with no one going from one country to the other. The reason for Paul’s missionary journeys was for the Gospel [good news] to spread and have a foot hold in the region.
Peter had to confess that God is no respecter of any persons, but whom does God respect? Find out that yourself in the book of act of the apostles in the new testament [Acts10:34]

I tell you how God wants us to live in 2021: Romans 1:17 For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith. Make prayerful declarations for 2021, plant your desires through faith and when you come across any hindrance in this journey of 2021, speak the mind of God to it and it will give way.

There may be some rain in it but He has promised to be your shelter, there may be some trouble in it but he has promised to be a help for you. Stop running helter-skelter looking for predictions all you need is your faith, the one in your mouth,

Happ new year!

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Pastor, life coach, motivational speaker and a christian apologist; a husband and a father.

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