My letter to Yahaya Aminu on death roll

Death Sentence on yahaya for Blasphemy in Kano, Nigeria .

Matthew 11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

John 11:25 Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:

Dear brother Yahaya,

I want you to know that my prayer for you is that your neck will escape the guillotine, or the hangman’s noose, or the traditional sword for such heinous beheading in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I call you a brother even though you will not see me as one. I call you a brother because the one who I serve made you in his image and likeness even though you have not acknowledged him so. I heard about the death sentence passed on you over your offence of blasphemy; so sad and what a situation for anyone to be. In the night after I heard about the sentence, I found it difficult to sleep, a lot of thoughts went through my mind: that could have been me or one of my blood brother or close friend, I wondered how you felt when you heard the verdict and how you slept the first night, terrible I think. However, I see your predicament because no one will gladly jump into a burning fire for the fun of it. Before I proceed, I must let You Know I Know some few things about your situation .

Sharif Aminu

Had it been the offence applied to non-Muslims also, I would have immediately condemned it for being unconstitutional. 

I am not unaware that the Shariah Penal Code was enacted pursuant to section 38 of the constitution which provides for right to freedom of religion and sections 4 and 6 of the constitution which gives states power to make laws and also establish courts for themselves and also section 36(12) which provides that person can be convicted for an offence only if the said offence is defined in a written law with sanctions attached. 

That is to say, the Supreme Law of the Land has given them backing. They can practice their religion provided that a non-Muslim shall not be affected .

You were tried and convicted under the Shariah Penal Code Law because you are a Muslim. How I wish you were a non-Muslim, then I will have risen along with others and fight your right to be heard in the court of law in the federal republic of Nigeria and not this sharia court. Again, you have been tried for choosing a religion who you thought brings life and not death sentence; you live in a place where you are fully aware of this law and yet; you did not see it free to change or convert to Christianity, for I know the law only apples to Muslim. Why did you not see this coming with the unabated killings of those who are not Muslim in northern Nigeria? There is an idiom which says, ” if a crocodile eats its own eggs what will it not do to the eggs of others”.? They can try a non-Muslim who insults prophet Mohammed or commits any other form of blasphemy under the general Penal Code law for defamation or breach of public peace or any other related offence depending on exactly what the person says. Alas! you have tied the hands of those who would have defended you in this your tough time., How can they help now? However, I love your fighting spirit, keep it up and kudos to your lawyer, Kola Alanipini, who appealed the death sentence saying.

In a suit filed on Thursday at the Kano State High Court that you, Sharif-Aminu is dissatisfied with the judgment of the Sharia Court.

He described the Kano State Penal Law 2000 as unconstitutional, null and void, having grossly violated and conflicted with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended and having violated the Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, respectively. But instead of allowing this to sway them, the

The Chairman of Sokoto State Ulama Forum of Izala, Sheikh Abubakar Usman Mabera has said any lawyer who defends the Kano State singer Yahaya Aminu Sharif recently convicted for blasphemy by a sharia court has renounced his Islamic faith.

Speaking in Sokoto at the weekend, the Islamic cleric affirmed that a competent sharia court in Kano has sentenced the Kano singer to death for blasphemy.

He noted that blasphemy in Islam is a capital punishment whose punishment is death, saying, “As a Muslim, the law applies to the singer.

The cleric who is also the Chief Imam of Malam Buhari Dan Shehu mosque in Sokoto called on Muslim lawyers to be careful in defending the convict, insisting,’ any lawyer who comes out to defend him has renounced his Islamic faith.

According to him, since a competent sharia court in Kano has established the fact that Sharif has insulted the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), there is no way other than for him to subject himself to the punishment prescribed by Allah.

The Islamic cleric then called on the people to go back to their creator and seek for His forgiveness, saying, all these calamities bedevilling the country are signs of our wrongdoings.

‘For all indications, God is not happy with us and we have to repent because He alone is the answer to our woes, he declared.

Recall, the Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has said if within the stipulated time the convict did not appeal he would sign his death sentence. Sharif has since appealed the judgement.

Dear Sharif if you ever survived this or not I pray you be converted to Christianity. but if not you can still receive the lord Jesus Christ as your personal lord and saviour in that prison just pray this:

Dead Jesus, I want to come to you in repentance from my sins and trespasses. i come to you because you said anyone who comes to you will no wise cast out; I come to you because they have rejected me; my friends, brothers, sisters and government, I Am now an outcast and sentenced to death by the religion I believed in. I now renounce all that; I receive you as my personal lord and saviour from today. Come into my heart and give me peace in all these.

please ask the prison warder for a bible and start reading from the new testament.

been praying for you for now you are my brother redeemed with the same blood of Christ hallelujah!

Ps: Psalms 27:10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.

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