John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

‘If you set your foot in this community again, they will lynch you’,! This was the Stan warning delivered to the founder of the popular church of Satan in Anambra state of Nigeria after being released from detention; We published the heinous crimes of a founder of a sect he branded as the church of Satan sometime ago. Here is the update to that story. After regaining his freedom and subsequent release from Afara correctional centre in Umuahia, His kinsmen and community leaders met and issued a stamen concerning his being release from prison, the Residents of Ebem Ohafia community told South East Voice that Ifekwe, popularly known as ‘Lucifer’ would be lynched if he is seen around the community, their anger is that,  would be difficult for ‘Lucifer’ to be allowed to return as he had attracted bad publicity to the community, They also said that during his unholy reign he was able to garner more of the youth in the community under his wings which obeyed his beck and call to commit atrocities. They fear if they let him return he will mobilized the youth again and another reign of terror will reign possibly worse than the first.

Apart from demolishing his church, also known as ‘Assemblies of the Light Bearer Greater Church’, the community also demanded that his brothel in Ohafia must be demolished.


The policeman who killed a trader, Ifeanyi Arunsi, had gotten drunk at Lucifer’s brothel and some believe it was an evil manipulation by the pastor and that they used the blood of the deceased for sacrifice by the so-called church.  During the demolition of his church. Some residents were singing songs and thanking God for Lucifer’s arrest while others brought drinks.

Justice E. Asiago had granted bail to Ifekwe with the conditions that he must produce a traditional ruler or a recognized chief and a senior civil servant, as sureties.

But it was gathered that no traditional ruler or recognized chief was willing to stand surety for him due to the sensitive nature of his case. The Judge also ruled that address of the sureties must be verified to ensure that the accused presents himself for trial.

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