Former Pope Benedict, 93, is ‘ ill with shingles and his voice is barely audible’ after returning to the Vatican from a visit to see his dying brother in Germany according to his biographer.

Benedict’s ‘mind and memory are active but his voice is barely audible at the moment,’ author Peter Seewald told German newspaper Passauer Neue Presse.

We recollect on April 19, 2005 was a historic day for the Vatican City when Ratzinger was elected, becoming at age 78 the oldest newly elected pope since clementxll [1730-40]. His election then was a surprise to many Vatican watchers, as was his exit. Though his papacy was short, he did a lot of travelling notably to Turkey, where he met the ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople hoping to improve relations between the roman catholic and the eastern orthodox churches. He also overturned John Paul’s reform of the papal election process and restored the traditional practice when he declared that the election of a new pope requires a two-thirds majority of the cardinals attending the conclave. He was also very close to his brother george, who was also a priest, too, till his death at 96.

pope benedict with his brother geoge

when he became the first to resign the title in 600 years. 

Since his resignation, he has lived in a small, former monastery inside the Vatican.

Wishing the former pope a speedy recovery aided by divine interventions.

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