The original majestic building called church of the Divine wisdom, Hagia Sophia, [Ayasofya in Turkish] is once again a worship centre for Islam. The cathedral built at the old Constantinople, present day Istanbul. It was turned it to a museum, but after 87 years in a judgment passed in early June 2020, it is to become a mosque. Before now, this architectural marvel built under the direction of the Byzantine emperor. Regarded as one of the world’s magnificent monuments.


Constantine built the original church on the site of the Hagia Sophia in 325 on the foundation of a pagan temple. It has survived two great infernos one in 404be and the other in 532. After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453, it became a worship centre to the Moslem as a sign of their victory over the crusaders. They added minarets to the exterior decor, to complete this conversion to a gigantic mosque. [An Islamic symbol normally used to summon worshippers to prayers] Since early 30s, this impressive edifice has attracted tourist all over the world and many secular people fear they will miss it in the tourist industry. Many westerner and the world council of Churches, [WCC] regards this recent development as unfortunate. Many also see it as a move to please its base by the present administration of Erdogan.

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